Trust in the agri-food field

The SeedsBit platform based on blockchain technology provides essential advantages in the field of agri-food traceability. The blockchain creates confidence between actors who do not know and do not trust each other by validating the data and preserving it in an immutable way. Therefore, trust is determined by the truthfulness of the data. All production process participants enter their data related to the product. Blockchain technology uses encryption and distributed consensus systems for multiple companies and entities. The platform makes a comparison of the data entered by various actors, validating their reliability. Once entered, the data can no longer be modified or tampered with. It means that the data entered can be viewed at any time of the product life cycle.

Trust in the agri-food field with the SeedsBit blockchain platform

The SeedsBit platform, based on different blockchain platforms, strengthens the relationship of trust between the consumer and a supplier of extra-domestic food, such as bar or restaurant. The consumer and each of the intermediate companies of the supply chain have many questions related to the ingredients and processes involved in dish preparation. Why do we pay attention to what we buy at the supermarket checking the expiry date, choosing the origin and the brand, while at the restaurant we are happy to know only the names of the ingredients? Do we trust the restaurant’s reputation, or do we have no other choice? With SeedsBit we can combine trust in the restaurant with all the information necessary to make informed choices.