For developers

Find out how you can use SeedBit data and how to design independent apps by making the most of our product information and infrastructure.

SeedsBit available services and how they can be used

Develop on the blockchain with the SeedsBit API

Infrastructure, data and API

All the developers belonging to the SeedsBit community will have many opportunities to interact with the system:

  • Blockchain technology;
  • different APIs for reading and writing on the platform;
  • a lot of information relating to products and production processes;
  • and much more.

See the documentation

What to develop with the blockchain in SeedsBit

What can be developed

SeedsBit provides developers with the opportunity to create several customized solutions, allowing to implement:

  • A custom client blockchain;
  • An application that interacts with the SeedsBit APIs to insert and show the data of your products and processes;
  • Customized dashboards for statistics and data visualization;
  • and much more!

See the example