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Agri-food origin

Where was it produced?

Agri-food production methods

How was it produced?

Production date of the agri-food product

When was it produced?

Agri-food manufacturing company

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Ingredients of an agri-food product

What ingredients does it contain?

The characteristics of an agri-food product

What features does it have?

SeedsBit allows companies that produce, transform or market agri-food products to show further commitment to their customers. More detailed information on the products and industrial processes creates an added value for both companies and consumers. Besides, a unique responsibility chain arises; it starts with suppliers and then passes through client companies and reach end consumers.

Traceability of raw materials

Raw materials

Whether you deal with the production of raw materials or use them in your company, it’s crucial for you that the most accurate data accompany these raw materials. In fact, in the first case, you increase the value of your product, while in the second case you are sure of raw materials quality that guarantees a superior standard of a finished product for your customers. SeedsBit is inserted transparently in this flow by ensuring the companies involved and end consumers that the raw materials belonging to one or more production chains are accompanied by appropriate data (origin, method of cultivation, etc.).

Traceability of food production processes

Production processes

Regardless of what you do, you will surely have to deal with different production processes. How you carry out these processes indicates professionalism and commitment you put into your work. Why not make this information accessible to your customers? SeedsBit can model different production realities, provide customized solutions allowing you to enter your production processes data comfortably and functionally.

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