PON Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014>20

SEEDS s.r.l participates in the PON with the Blockchain for Information Traceability project

The business project aims to develop a traceability platform for products and processes in the agri-food sector based on blockchain and smart contracts technology. The combination of these new mechanisms will make it possible to implement tracking and tracing of agri-food products. The project includes the following strong elements of innovation that guarantee the creation of new business models: the selective exploration of supply chains and the application of traceability in a multi-chain and HORECA context. The distinctive features of our approach are low-cost methodologies and strategies applied in international contexts, systems for integration of different supply chains with the final consumer, use of cryptographic tools, and distributed approach for integrity, efficiency, data validation.

Results of the project

The project’s expected results have been reached already in a significant part; in particular, they concern the design and construction of the SeedsBit platform for the agri-food traceability of products and processes.