The multi-chain approach

Each company has its supply chain, SeedsBit binds them all! On its way from the field to the table, the product passes through various processes and companies. All supply chains meet on the consumer's plate.
Tracciabilità della filiera del vino

The wine supply chain

The journey that starts from the grapevine and hard human work and ends up cheering our palates includes a lot of information:

  • grapevines and origin
  • fermentation method
  • ageing
  • bottling

Tracciabilità della filiera del pomodoro

The tomato supply chain

Tomato is a central ingredient for many dishes and products, details on its cultivation and treatment are gathered on different stages, from:

  • cultivation
  • harvest
  • washing
  • packaging

Tracciabilità della filiera del grano

The grain supply chain

The world behind pasta, bread and pizza conceals ancient grains and a lot of history:

  • wheat cultivation and treatment
  • storage
  • grinding and flour
  • dough and leavening

Tracciabilità della filiera dell'olio

The oil supply chain

From the tree, through the mill, to your table. The green gold brings the scents of a territory that depend on:

  • origin and cultivation methods
  • milling methods
  • variety and blend
  • acidity and organoleptic factors