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SEEDS s.r.l. is an innovative startup and academic spinoff of the University of Palermo. SeedsBit is the multi-chain traceability and traceability platform for the agri-food sector developed by SEEDS s.r.l.

For you as an end user, it’s free! If you request access to more information, you can always upgrade.

Download the app and scan the QR-code in the menu provided by the restaurateur, which is a part of the SeedsBit community. In this way, you can get information about each dish. In some restaurants, for example, it can be possible to order fresh local fish rather than frozen fish.

For each product you are going to buy, SeedsBit can provide information on every ingredient that makes it up, and on the adopted production process, it means greater safety for you!

You can download the app for Android or iOS and then scan the product QR-code; in this way, you will obtain all the information you need.

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