The multi-chain tracking and tracing platform.

Our platform

SeedsBit represents a new solution for products and services tracking in the agri-food sector. We want to help consumers and businesses to make more informed purchasing decisions and ensure balanced and transparent relationships between suppliers and customers.

The blockchain platform

Blockchain platform

Our solution is based on blockchain technology and in particular on Hyperledger Fabric. The blockchain is ideal for agri-food context in which different actors are interacting with each other and often present conflicting interests. The blockchain guarantees transparency, trust and traceability thanks to encryption mechanisms and distributed consent. No one (even Seeds) can delete, modify or disclaim the data entered.

Food chain traceability

Multi-chain modules and smart contracts

Smart contracts are the elements of distributed logic running on a blockchain that regulate transactions relative to the domain of interest. Our SeedsBit uses different smart contracts to meet the needs of each existing and non-existing supply chain. The multi-chain approach makes SeedsBit the ideal solution to track non only a single product on a single production chain, but to track multiple products with intertwined supply chains that often end in the supermarket or restaurant.

Permission management on the blockchain

Permission management

Using SeedsBit does not mean you should give up your privacy, just on the contrary. Our application can provide different permission access levels. For instance, it is possible to define blockchain communication channels reserved for particular companies and supply chains or to define the permissions for the employees to view or enter data.

For consumers

You can trust the quality of transparent and blockchain certified products that you bring to your tables every day.

For companies

Offer your customers greater transparency on your production processes and create added value for your products.

For developers

Are you interested in using our data and our APIs? Do you want to develop an app that uses the SEEDS’ infrastructure?