SeedsBit Document

Document managment

SeedsBit® Document is a document attestation platform always in your pocket; it is a hub that certifies originality of paper and digital documents, determining their ownership and availability at a specific date. It works simultaneously on different blockchain platforms and provides attestation for both limited groups and publicly.
SeedsBit® Document allows users to write on the blockchain the history of modifications, a secure versioning system. SeedsBit® Document integrates traditional methods for intellectual property protection; you can certify the ownership and originality of your documents, showing the date of upload on the blockchain by a specific user.

Who is the SeedsBit® Document for?

Documentation managment

Basically for everyone!

Each person may need to prove document ownership or status. For example, public administrations can use the service for certification of documents, city council meeting and all remote activities, especially during this pandemic. Companies of all kinds can certify their commercial contracts. Artists, journalists, designers, scientists and researchers can authenticate the ownership of ideas, articles and works on interoperable dedicated platforms (e.g. arXiv). SeedsBit® Document offers various ways to upload your documents to the blockchain.

For example, the user can publish the entire document or only a hash within a blockchain consortium; in the latter case, a cryptographic summary of the document is uploaded to the blockchain, maintaining the ownership and confidentiality of the contents. SeedsBit® Document promotes the spread of self-sovereignty identity, data sovereignty and e-government mechanisms.