SeedsBit to fight covid19

Grocery shopping can be problematic these days.
We want to do our part.

Grocery shopping during covid19

It is essential to combat the spread of the virus. For this reason, even a simple and familiar activity, such as shopping, becomes a complicated process. If carried out properly according to the regulations, it becomes an important measure to contrast the spread of the virus. In particular, it is necessary:

  • Ensure transparency and priority in resources access;
  • Reduce queues and gatherings;
  • Reduce hoardings;
  • Reduce piecemeal purchases of non-essential products;
  • Simplify online shopping;
  • Differentiate deliveries and withdrawals.

SeedsBit to fight covid19

SEEDS intends to help citizens and businesses to adapt to the coronavirus emergency and support existing solutions for online shopping.

Our main objective is to provide a support service to the consumer that allows him to know and track the medical conditions of the supermarket employees who have direct contact with the products sold to the consumer. Just think of deli, meat, and fish departments. While packaged products can be sanitized again by a citizen, it is not the same for deli products or meat.

Although the staff already adopts the common hygiene standards, accompanied by the new rigid covid19 regulations, it is fundamentally important to know the health status of the staff that supplies the product. It is useful to consider different personnel parameters such as the temperature at the beginning and the end of a work shift and eventually perform medical tests regularly.

Employees’ health means:

  • Consumers’ health;
  • Attention to consumers;
  • Higher earnings.

More attention to safety and prevention:

  • Less focus on price;
  • New customers attraction.

Present systems limitations

  • They rely on solidarity and people’s common sense;
  • They are not transparent for end consumers;
  • They concern only one supermarket.

SEEDS solution

SeedsBit will allow the end customer to consult and verify additional information relating to the staff who served him/her by scanning a QR-Code shown on the purchase receipt. Our platform will record information on the blockchain providing the following advantages:

  • It introduces transparency thanks to blockchain technology;
  • It simplifies and increases the reliability of online purchases;
  • It reduces queues and gatherings;
  • It integrates with different supermarkets.

Additional benefits

  • Integration with pre-existing systems;
  • Webapp for traceability service management;
  • Simple and secure access to the information;
  • Data analytics, monitoring, and commercial strategies: customer’s profile, purchase analysis, and loyalty.

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