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SeedsBit is the innovative traceability blockchain-based solution for agri-food products and production processes with a multi-chain approach. The consumer receives accurate and originally validated information which concerns several companies that work on different supply chains and can intersect. The supply chains have common points, which are usually close to the consumer: in supermarkets, restaurants and food delivery services.

SeedsBit Android & iOS Traceability App

For consumers

Have you ever wondered how the food you eat at your favourite restaurant or buy at the supermarket has been treated, prepared and stored? Then you will love SeedsBit!
SeedsBit allows you to trace the product from the field to the fork and view plenty of details related to the production process, including:

  • products’ origin and food safety
  • production methods and processes
  • nutritional qualities and values, characteristics
  • transparency quality/price
  • traceability to the restaurant/bottle shop (multi-chain)

For companies

Does your company produce, transform or market agri-food products and do you want to demonstrate to your customers your commitment, professionalism and the quality of your products? If your company produces or transforms agri-food products, you work in the mass retail, you have a restaurant, a wine shop, or provide food delivery services, then SeedsBit is the solution for you:

  • based on blockchain technology;
  • safe, simple to use and fully distributed;
  • manages product data and production process in a transparent and unchangeable way.
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