Protect Made in Italy with SeedsBit4ITA

Are you a company that operates in the agri-food, fashion, cosmetics or design sector? Joining the project TrackIT blockchain of ITA Agency, you have the opportunity to explain the value of your products in a transparent and reliable way, promoting your company abroad thanks to our platform SeedsBit4ITA.

TrackIT blockchain project

The project TrackIT blockchain of the ITA Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation makes an innovative system available to 300 companies in the agri-food, fashion, cosmetics and design sectors to enhance the excellence of Italian products abroad.

Thanks to blockchain technology, participating companies can acquire a competitive advantage abroad, creating a direct relationship with potential customers and combating phenomena such as Italian sounding and counterfeiting.

What is SeedsBit4ITA

SeedsBit4ITA and the innovative SEEDS platform, a startup which offers advanced solutions in the field of traceability using blockchain and DLT systems.

The platform has been selected for Track IT blockchain project of the ITA Agency, created to help Made in Italy companies establish themselves on foreign markets by certifying their supply chain for free. All this together with selected service providers, such as SEEDS and Webgenesys, and with the help of blockchain.

Establishing yourself abroad: the potential of the SeedsBit4ITA platform


Direct dialogue

Create a direct dialogue with consumers and tell the value of your products and your company.

Total transparency

Unequivocally certify the origin of the raw materials and the quality of your processes.

Distinctive identity

Make the uniqueness of your company and its products stand out in the platform thanks to a personalized showcase page.

Competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage on foreign markets with certified and transparent Italian excellence.

Zero counterfeits

Make the journey of the products indelible and traceable to allow customers to independently verify their authenticity and quality.

Benefits for everyone

All parties involved in the supply chain benefit from the transparency of blockchain.
webgenesys seeds

Who we are

Webgenesys is a national market-active System Integrator in key areas of the ICT, digital innovation, and cloud transformation sectors, specializing in providing solutions for digitalisation.

SEEDS is the entity specialized in the use of blockchain technology, having developed an innovative platform for product traceability. In SEEDS’ vision, blockchain is the tool that enables users to gain a solid understanding of what they purchase and consume.

Together, we are one of service providers of the Track IT blockchain project of the ITA Agency.

Our strengths



Traceability of all the supply chains that make up a single product.


Simplification of operations to avoid impacting the company’s operations.


Platform customization based on your products and supply chains.


Training, support, maintenance and assistance on different channels.

Service provider



Discover all the ways in which SeedsBit4ITA can help you.

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