Food traceability with SeedsBit

SeedsBit food traceability with QR code at the supermarket and at the restaurant

In recent years, the consumer’s sensitivity to the origin and traceability of the food purchased has grown. Manufacturers and supermarket chains try to provide their customers with as much information as possible. Nevertheless, current traceability methods present numerous problems. The solution proposed by SeedsBit aims to solve most of these problems by the use of blockchain technology and the involvement of all supply chain players in the traceability process. SeedsBit collects and provides the customer with multi-chain data creating a complete view of production activity. Furthermore, SeedsBit’s goal is to bring traceability to the non-domestic consumption sector: restaurant, bar, canteen.

Let’s explain SeedsBit traceability on a real example. We decide to order a very simple dish at the restaurant: a Caprese salad. The dish is so simple that one expects its traceability to be equally simple. But still, it is not enough to know that mozzarella is good.

Food traceability Caprese salad with tomato and mozzarella

Behind such a basic dish like a Caprese salad, there is a world to be discovered. For example, oil is a microcosm; from olive trees, the use of fertilizers, times and methods of harvesting to methods of pressing, level of acidity, practices and places of storage and transport.

It is the same for tomato, basil, and mozzarella. And it is not all yet. When and how was the dish prepared at the restaurant? What are the kitchen stuff health conditions? It is of extreme importance in the current health emergency due to Covid-19. The SeedsBit app allows you to obtain this and much other information by scanning a simple QR code on a restaurant menu, on a single dish, or on the packaging of a product at the supermarket.