The blockchain in the plate, SEEDS comes into the world

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La blockchain nel piatto e la tracciabilità agroalimentare con Seedsbit

Enginfo Consulting srl, IT consulting company, talks about SEEDS and our multi-chain traceability solutions, defining them as “the blockchain in the plate”.

This is how the agri-food supply chain changes. The University of Palermo gives birth to a spinoff for the traceability of the agri-food chain through the blockchain.  Enginfo is among the founders.

The company, one of the SEEDS founders, briefly describes the potential, characteristics, and audience of our platform. The platform is not only a tool to combat the problem of information asymmetry within the supply chain by providing transparency, traceability, and trust through the use of the blockchain, but also a mode to integrate different supply chains (also in international contexts), which focuses on scalability and cost reduction.

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