Data transparency

Now you no longer have to settle for information on a product label. You don’t have to go to the manufacturer’s website to find out more information or search for news on the web. SeedsBit collects all product data for you and presents it to you clearly and transparently. You can know the exact origin of the grain of a particular loaf of bread you have on the table. You can find out the precise place and the farm that cultivated it. It is no longer generic lettering like “EU and non-EU origin”. SeedsBit, thanks to the tracking and tracing system based on blockchain technology, allows you to follow the entire history of a product, all production processes, starting from the field up to your table.

Transparency of the blockchain based traceability system

SeedsBit traceability is not only for consumers, but it is also beneficial for producers, as it allows them to display transparently and effectively their work, choices, commitment and the quality of the product within the value chain associated with the supply chain. The consumer needs not only a good quality product, but also the related truthful and verified data.

The SeedsBit app and the entire SeedsBit traceability platform allow companies to show the quality of their product, also providing its reverse path tracing, starting from the finished product to its origin. SeedsBit integrates tracking and tracing, allowing users to move quickly through all the logical phases of production, transformation, transport and distribution.